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Industrial machinery

Kaydon is a market leader, bringing a wide variety of standard and custom bearing solutions to the industrial machinery market. Kaydon's selection of Reali-Slim® thin section ball bearings are ideal for applications requiring space optimization and weight reduction. When greater moment stiffness and higher dynamic load capacity are required, industrial machinery designers look to Kaydon's solutions in slewing ring and turntable bearings.

Kaydon thin section bearing solutions save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide excellent running accuracy. In fact, the Kaydon Reali-Slim® inch-standard bearing is one of the most widely used thin section bearings in the world. A large selection of materials, separator options, cross sections, internal fit up choices, lubricants, corrosion resistance options and contact angles are available. Kaydon provides the largest range of thin section bearings, including Reali-Slim® and Ultra-Slim® bearings, in bore sizes from 0.75" to 40" or 19 mm to 1 m.

Kaydon is the North American slewing ring bearing leader. Our slewing ring bearing solutions feature the same Kaydon engineering expertise that goes into our thin section bearings. Kaydon slewing ring bearings provide optimal economy and capacity in a given envelope dimension; precise positioning in applications where rotation is constant, intermittent, or oscillating; and the ideal solution where bearings will mesh with other precision mechanical components.

As a major supplier to key industrial machinery OEMs, Kaydon has designed and manufactured custom and standard ball bearings and roller bearings with diameters from 4" to 282". With Kaydon engineering expertise, we work with the equipment designer to provide the most cost-effective, value-added solution for the application.


  • Reali-Slim® thin section radial contact bearings
  • Reali-Slim® thin section angular contact bearings
  • Reali-Slim® thin section four-point contact bearings
  • Four-point contact slewing ring bearings
  • Eight-point contact slewing ring bearings
  • Cross roller slewing ring bearings
  • Three row roller slewing ring bearings


  • Machine tools
  • Pipe cutting and bending equipment
  • General robotics
  • Textile machinery
  • Index and rotary tables
  • Optical scanning and photographic equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Tire making machinery


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Lantech Model Q-300 XT Stretch Wrapper

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Photo courtesy of FMC Techologies, Jetway. FMC Jetway Apron Drive Passenger Boarding Bridge. © 2007. Photo by P. Michaud.

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