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Kaydon Bearings - part number codes

Kaydon Reali-Slim® open bearings and sealed bearings, stainless steel bearings, and Endurakote® bearings are marked for complete identification with an (8) or (9) digit part number. Positions 1–8 identify materials, size, type, and precision. Position 9 (optional) identifies non-standard internal fit.

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Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10–13
Nomenclature Material Series Size Type Separator Precision Internal fit DFAR compliance
Example K G 1 2 0 X P 0 L -USA
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Position 1—Material
  Races/balls Seals, shields
A AISI 52100 Steel One seal—PTFE
B AISI 52100 Steel Two seals—PTFE
D AISI 52100 Steel One shield
E AISI 52100 Steel Two shields
F AISI 52100 Steel One seal—Nitrile rubber
G AISI 52100 Steel Two seals—Nitrile rubber
H AISI 52100 Steel One seal—Nitrile rubber
J AISI 52100 Steel Two seals—Nitrile rubber
K AISI 52100 Steel No seals or shields
L AISI 52100 Steel Two seals & Endurakote® plating
M M-50 Steel No seals or shields
N AISI 52100 Steel No seals & Endurakote® plating
P AISI 17-4PH Steel Ceramic balls
Q AISI 52100 Steel No shields or seals
S AISI 440C Stainless Steel No seals or shields
T AISI 440C Stainless Steel One seal—PTFE
U AISI 440C Stainless Steel Two seals—PTFE
V AISI 440C Stainless Steel Two shields
W AISI 440C Stainless Steel Two seals—Nitrile rubber
X AISI 52100 Steel Ceramic balls
Y AISI 440C Stainless Steel Ceramic balls
Z Other  


Position 2—Series cross section (inches)
    Radial thickness   Width
Standard cross sections A *.187 x .187
  or .250 x .250
B .312 x .312
C .375 x .375
D .500 x .500
E .625 x .625
F .750 x .750
G 1.000 x 1.000
Extended width H *.187 x .250
  or .250 x .312
I .312 x .375
J .375 x .437
K .500 x .578
L .625 x .727
M .750 x .875
N 1.000 x 1.187
Extra-extended width S *.187 x .312
  or .250 x .375
T .312 x .437
U .375 x .500
V .500 x .656
W .625 x .828
X .750 x 1.000
Y 1.000 x 1.375
* Smaller section applies when position 3 is alphabetic—see following explanations of positions 3, 4, and 5.


Positions 3, 4, & 5—Size (bearing bore)
Numeric characters
Nominal bearing bore in inches multiplied by ten

Alphabetic characters
"A" in position 3 in combination with "A" in position 2
denotes .187 x .187 series
"A" in position 3 in combination with "H" in position 2
denotes .187 x .250 series
"A" in position 3 in combination with "S" in position 2
denotes .187 x .312 series

040 = 4.0" bore
120 = 12.0" bore
400 = 40.0" bore
"10" following "AA" in positions 2 & 3 =
.187 x .187 series with 1.0" bore
"15" following "HA" in positions 2 & 3 =
.187 x .250 series with 1.5" bore


Position 6—Bearing type
A Angular contact single bearing (not ground for universal duplexing)
B Angular contact pair—duplexed back to back
C Radial contact
F Angular contact pair—duplexed face to face
T Angular contact pair—duplexed tandem
U Angular contact single bearing—ground for universal duplexing
X Four-point contact
Z Other


Position 7—Separator
C Non-metallic composite, segmental, "snap-over" type
D Phenolic laminate, one-piece ring "snap-over" type
E Brass, segmental "snap-over" type
F Full complement bearing—no separator
G Nylon one-piece ring, circular pocket
H Phenolic laminate, one-piece ring with circular pockets
J Nylon strip separator, circular pockets
K Phenolic laminate, riveted two-piece ring
L Nylon, one-piece ring "snap-over" type
M Formed wire, strip or segmental, "snap-over" type, ball in every pocket
N Nylon, "snap-over" type
P Standard formed ring "snap-over" type (material—brass or non-metallic composite)
Q PEEK, one-piece ring, circular pocket
R Standard formed ring, circular pocket (material—brass or non-metallic composite)
S Helical coil springs
T Stainless steel, formed ring "snap-over" type
U Stainless steel, formed ring circular pockets
V Brass, formed ring, "snap-over" type
W Formed wire, strip or segmental, "snap-over" type
X PEEK, one-piece, "snap-over" pocket
Y Brass, formed ring, circular pockets
Z Other (toroids, slugs, spacer balls or others available)


Position 8—Precision
(ABEC specifications are per ABMA standard 26.2)
0 Kaydon precision class 1 per ABEC 1F
1 Kaydon precision class 1 with class 4 runouts
2 Kaydon precision class 1 with class 6 runouts
3 Kaydon precision class 3 per ABEC 3F
4 Kaydon precision class 4 per ABEC 5F
6 Kaydon precision class 6 per ABEC 7F
8 Other


Position 9—Bearing internal fit
A .0000 to .0005 clearance
B .0000 to .0010 clearance
C .0005 to .0010 clearance
D .0005 to .0015 clearance
E .0010 to .0020 clearance
F .0015 to .0025 clearance
G .0020 to .0030 clearance
H .0030 to .0040 clearance
I .0040 to .0050 clearance
J .0050 to .0060 clearance
K .0000 to .0005 preload
L .0000 to .0010 preload
M .0005 to .0010 preload
N .0005 to .0015 preload
P .0010 to .0020 preload
Q .0010 to .0015 preload
R .0015 to .0025 preload
S .0020 to .0030 preload
Z Other clearance or preload not specified above
Type X or C = diametral preload or clearance
Duplexed type A = axial preload or clearance
Note: Above internal bearing fits apply to unmounted bearings only.
Mounting fits can greatly affect final internal bearing fit.


Position 10–13—DFAR compliance
All Reali-Slim® bearings requiring compliance with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR) "Specialty Metals" and "the Restrictions on Acquisition of Ball and Roller Bearings" clauses will contain '-USA' in positions 10-13. If internal fit is not called out in position 9, it will also contain a dash.

Example #1: KG120XP0L-USA
Example #2: KG120XP0--USA

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