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Kaydon environmental health and safety performance report

At Kaydon, we continue to take proactive steps to evaluate and reduce the impact of all our products on the environment. Using independent third-party reviews of our operations, we've developed key environmental performance metrics in response to our customers' needs.

Our annual Environmental Health & Safety Performance Report helps our customers pursue environmental improvements in their product and supply chains.

We're proud of the environmental improvements we've made, including:

  • Substantially reducing water usage, even as production has trended up.
  • Decreasing hazardous waste generation rates, even as production has increased. The use of solvents known or suspected to be carcinogenic is prohibited in our facilities.
  • Increasing the amount of coolant we recycle and improving our procedures for reducing waste and capturing materials for beneficial reuse.
  • Recovering and recycling as much scrap metal as possible (recently, we recycled almost 3 million pounds).


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