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Cooper Split-Roller Bearing Corporation
Cooper® Split-Roller Bearing Corporation manufactures split-to-the-shaft roller bearings used by heavy industry in a range of demanding applications and hostile environments. Cooper meets the needs of customers worldwide who are working with trapped bearing locations or experiencing unacceptable lubrication loss. Cooper superior sealing provides optimum operational bearing life by retaining lubrication and keeping out contaminants regardless of the operational environment.

For individual applications that require more specialized solutions, Cooper also manufactures flat thrust roller bearings, solid bearings and eccentric bearings.

	Industrial Tectonics Inc. (ITI)
Industrial Tectonics Inc. (ITI) manufactures specialty high-precision balls, spherical products, and inspection gages from a wide range of materials in sizes from .012" to 10" diameter. Full traceability and documentation utilizing DFAR and ITAR compliant systems are common practices. Servicing customers in a wide variety of industries such as petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, medical and nuclear, ITI offers precision products under the most demanding quality systems. ITI maintains one of the world's largest selections of stock specialty balls and can also custom-manufacture products from hundreds of materials in quantities of one to millions of units. ITI products include specialty metal, ceramic, glass balls, engineered plastic, and rubber balls; gauging and measurement products such as checking and fixture balls; hollow balls and ball transfer units; and modified balls with slots, holes, and flats.

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ACE Controls, Inc.
ACE Controls Inc., leading innovator in deceleration and motion control technology, is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Motion control products from ACE are designed to decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, reduce noise, increase cycle speeds and improve product performance.

ACE Controls meets the needs of the automotive, defense, material handling, packaging, printing, steel, machine tool, lumber, amusement, glass and PET container and medical industries worldwide with industrial and safety shock absorbers, precision and hydraulic speed/feed controls, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, rotary dampers and TUBUS elastomer bumpers.

Its global customer service network includes offices and distributors in over 110 cities and 35 countries.

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Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation
Kaydon® Custom Filtration Corporation is a pioneer in the development of turbine oil conditioners, as well as filtration, separation, coalescing and vacuum dehydration systems and elements. Kaydon Filtration's fluid separation product family has expanded from turbine oil conditioning and filtration in power generation facilities to include filtration of: EHC fluids in power plants; electric utility transformer oils; oil and fuel in petrochemical refineries; fuel, lubricating and hydraulic oils in off-road heavy equipment; fuel and lubricating oils in industrial applications such as steel mills, pulp and paper mills, and mining facilities; and compressor lubricants and coolants in the air conditioning and refrigeration markets. Kaydon Filtration also offers custom design and private label filtration for a broad range of original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Kaydon Ring & Seal
Kaydon® Ring & Seal has pioneered many innovations in compressor sealing technology and is well known for the service and support it provides its customers. Kaydon Ring & Seal designs and manufactures turbomachinery shaft seals and piston rings, dynamic seals, and static seals that meet the demanding requirements of aerospace turbine engines, reciprocating engine pistons (including locomotive and marine diesel engines, gas engines, and aircraft engines), and refining, petrochemical, and natural gas centrifugal compressor shafts.

Purafil, Inc.
Purafil is an award-winning, ISO-certified, single-source manufacturer of gas-phase air filtration media, filters, and air monitoring instrumentation. Purafil provides clean-air solutions to a worldwide customer base that protect people, improve process reliability, and preserve history. In fact, Purafil maintains thousands of installations in cleanroom, commercial, industrial, archival, and water-wastewater treatment settings worldwide. Purafil's clean air technology has also been utilized for corrosion control in data centers, rack rooms, and even in the turbines of windmills to prevent airborne contaminants from corroding vital electronic components.

Tridan International, Inc.
Tridan® International, Inc. is a world leader in the supply of special tube processing and fin stamping machinery used in the production of evaporator and condenser coils for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Tridan offers standard designs or uniquely customized machines including fin stamping presses, precision progressive dies, and end sheet dies; tube bending, forming, or straightening machines; horizontal or vertical coil expansion; and end sizing machines built to meet the specific requirements of each individual customer. Since 1966, machinery designed and built by Tridan has been supplied to thousands of customers throughout the world with the confidence that Tridan machines are an investment for the future, not an expense for the short term.

Indiana Precision, Inc.
Indiana Precision, Inc. provides high-precision tooling, fixtures, gauges and components to a wide variety of customers in the molding, medical, aerospace and other industries that require tight tolerances and unique geometry. Specializing in very intricate, close tolerance machined components, Indiana Precision provides high quality parts to meet both the prototype and production needs of their customers. The company's broad range of capabilities includes CNC EDM, CNC machining, precision grinding, honing, hard turning and heat-treating, combining state of the art equipment and vintage craftsmanship.

Canfield Technologies, Inc.spacerBow Electronics
Canfield Technologies, Inc./Bow® Electronics is a leading producer of fine solders, fluxes, brazing alloys, brazing rods, tinning paints and accessories, and quality-critical electronic products. Canfield has pioneered the development and application of environmentally safe, lead-free solders, fluxes, and industrial alloys for all industries. Canfield's solders and brazing alloys meet the most demanding applications, including electronics, plating, jewelry, stained glass, plumbing, industrial OEM and MRO, and automotive.

Bow Electronics products are known for their consistently high performance in quality-critical electronic applications. Bow high-precision copper spheres are produced by a proprietary process which eliminates surface cracks and craters. The perfectly round copper spheres provide a narrower process window and improve reliability, making them an ideal replacement for traditional lead and tin alloys.

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