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Coordinate measurement machine (CMM)

The coordinate measurement machine (CMM) is used to accurately confirm dimensional specifications for small to very large bearings and components, especially those that are too large for conventional measurement techniques. Kaydon's gantry CMM measures components up to an x-axis of 1,200 mm, y-axis of 1,500 mm, and z-axis of 1,000 mm (x=47", y=59", z=39"). The CMM is accurate to 0.000508 mm (0.000020") resolution. The gantry CMM at Kaydon's Kalos, Mexico facility measures wind turbine bearings up to 1.2 m x 4 m x 4 m.


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R & D

Bearing life testing
Application testing
Environmental test chamber
Torque and vibration testing

Measurement, inspection,
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Coordinate measurement machine (CMM)
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
HDR digital microscope
Rockwell hardness tester